Vad är Nasrallah rädd för?

Intressant genomgång o bakgrund till kampen för Libanons Pride o den hotade makten, av Joey Ayoub från Global Voices:

”It is worth noting that the LGBTQ+ movement in Lebanon has generally proved itself to be intersectional, or at least has tried to, actively defending women’s rights and workers’ rights, as well as taking part in pro-secularism and environmental causes.

This is something the establishment fears profoundly. Without sectarian and patriarchal oppression, none of the warlords-turned-politicians, their (mostly male) business associates or their (exclusively male) religious allies can operate. They are dependent on the status quo, and therefore invest heavily in preserving it, with only minor cosmetic changes allowed from time to time to maintain the illusion of progress.

When another LGBTQ+ group faced threats and had to cancel a public event, they chose to change the format. The government failed to guarantee their protection – as is legally required – so they opted for the relative safety of social media instead. The resulting conference, live-streamed on Facebook with the title ”stigma”, was principled and defiant.

This is why Beirut Pride represents nothing less than the massive potential many of us see in Lebanon, a potential that has so far struggled to breathe under sectarian violence, patriarchy and clientelism, all of which are deeply institutionalised throughout Lebanese society.”





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