Im a freelance journalist and writer specialized in writings on sexuality, gender and otherness. I have contributed to several anthologies and regularly write on queer politics in Swedish magazines and newspapers.

Im the author of Det Sjuka (The Malaise 2009) where I take the image of the ”HIV Man”, a sexual predator and monsterous ”Other” prevalent in Swedish media headlines in the late 2000s, as a starting point for an investigation of the demonizing and racist implications of the Swedish HIV policy. Im the editor of the anthology Över Regnbågen (Over the Rainbow 2010), which highlights new challenges for a movement representing the LGBT community, in Sweden and internationally.

My latest book Homonationalism (2017) is a swedish introduction to the field, exploring the implications of raised conservatism in gay culture, new alliances between the LGBT community and nationalist and far right movements, and the nominal adoptation of LGBT rights as means of creating a distance to non-Western culture.

Contact: anna-maria.sorberg (at) zie.se