Tanja Lokshina från Human Rights Watch i Moscow Times om den horribla situationen och utsattheten i Tjetjenien och behovet av att sätta press internationellt.

”The widely reported detention centers where Chechen gays were brought have existed for some time. These are not “gay concentration camps,” as reported by some Western outlets. Such hyperbole devalues the suffering. What we are talking about are unofficial prisons where people are tortured: electrocuted, beaten, humiliated. The aim is to get them to give information on other supposedly gay people. Or, if they are presumed jihadists—to spill the beans on other supposed jihadists. If they are drug users—on supposed drug users.

Of course, gay people in Chechnya are especially vulnerable. They are caught between two fires—persecuted by the local authorities and in fear of their own relatives. The official reaction from Kadyrov’s spokesman to the reports speaks volumes. There are “no gay people in Chechnya,” and even if there were, “their relatives would send them to a place from where there is no return,” he said. Such statements from local officials essentially fuel honor killings.”


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